Until the year 2014, there was no regulation or legislation covering the online gambling sector in Singapore. But the lawmakers further decided to stamp out gambling addiction in Singapore and introduced a complete ban. On all kinds of sportsbook betting Singapore and online gambling with the Remote Gambling Act of 2014. So, all of a sudden, online gambling became illegal in Singapore.

Technically, just Singapore Pools has the permission of offering online betting solutions as they were exempte from the Remote Gambling Act in 2016. But it is important to note that Singapore does not have a lot of options on. Offer for the punters as the other international sports betting avenues.

But luckily, there are a number of international bookmakers in Singapore accepting bets from the Singaporean players. One thing that is noteworthy about these international sportsbooks is that they are duly regulated and licensed by the most trustworthy regulators across the world. This means that the punters do not need to worry about anything.

While the online bookmakers are taking a huge risk in accepting bets from the Singaporean users. The responsibility lies completely with them. When the 4D result Singapore is out, the punters do not need to pay any kind of taxes on their winnings because there is no legal framework surrounding the online sports betting arena in Singapore.

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