Silicone tubing is made of silicone rubber; an elastomeric used for many sealing and gasketing applications.

Rubber is a vital part of modern industrial society. It is strong, durable, and plays a significant role in industrial processes and household appliances.

Compared to other types of rubber, silicone rubber has a high elongation and tear strength. It is also resistant to high temperatures and fire.

  1. The tubing has good physical properties. It is flexible and can be stretched without tearing. This means that it can be worked around and round without deteriorating.
  2. Additionally, the material is clean and non-toxic; it can handle abrupt temperature changes and is helpful for a broad range of temperatures.
  3. These properties make it a preferred material in a wide range of industrial and household applications.
  4. This material is often translucent, making it ideal for transporting powders and food products in industrial tubing.
  5. These tubes, which are more comprehensive than other tubes, can be used in the same way in the medical field.

If you need more information about silicone tubing, please get in touch with a silicone tube manufacturer. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about the silicone tubing we carry.

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